Hiking Cuchama

Hiking along the border at Tecate

I parked my car at one of the border parking lots and set off west along the border fence to attempt the summit of Cuchama, the sacred mountain once featured on every can and bottle of Tecate beer.

Warmer than I expected and I could have done with a few cold ones to lighten my step on the climb.

Apart from the Border Patrol, I was the only one who seemed to be enjoying the place. I was stopped and asked my citizenship and warned about potential rock throwers across the fence.

The fence runs from the town half way up the mountain.

The end of the fence seemed to be a good place for new visitors to the US to gather and plan visits to Disneyland and Sea World.


The climb started to get rather steep but the views of Tecate were fascinating.

Eventually made the top and was rewarded by wonderful views all around.

There is quite a complex of towers and dishes up there, and a friendly BP agent was stationed on the summit with his scope.


I was warned about the dangers of being kidnapped and held for ransom by gangs preying on those would-be immigrants who chose Cuchama as their crossing point.

That made the journey down a little more exciting as I knew no one would pay much for me, no matter how many body parts turned up in envelopes.


Luckily, it was all very beautiful going downhill and I was distracted by the abundant wildlife and my blistered feet and grateful for every BP vehicle that passed.


And then back to the border fence and the warm glow of the late afternoon light on the Tecate brewery.


And back to my car at the border crossing.

A special day out! Not everyone's cup of tea - or can of Tecate - but it sure wasn't dull, and as my blisters heal I can confidently proclaim that the experience has added days to my time here on this fascinating planet.