The Spirit
of Baja California



Graham and Bonny the Burro, Cabo San Lucas, 1985

Graham Mackintosh was born in London. He studied Social Sciences at Leeds and Sheffield Universities. He won the UK Adventurous Traveller of the Year Award in 1987 for walking around the coast of Baja 1983-1985. Graham is the author of four Baja books:

Into a Desert Place

Journey With a Baja Burro

Nearer my Dog to Thee

Marooned With Very Little Beer

He has been traveling to Baja for more than 35 years.

Graham Mackintosh 1983


Walking around Baja 1983-5


The Books

Into a Desert Place


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"I had never been particularly good at anything except catering to my own comfort and safety."

Into a Desert Place

  Into a Desert Place, 1988. My first book.

Into a Desert Place, 1988. My first book.

Journey With a Baja Burro  -  My second book.


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 This account of walking six months in Baja California with Misión, my pack burro, comes straight from my heart - and perhaps a little from his heart, too. Our journey, which began on the border at Tecate and ended 1,000 miles later in Loreto, brought me moments of joy and anguish. Make allowance for my laughter and tears…and my seemingly wild imaginings; they go with the territory and the experience of being alone in such a wilderness. The winter of 1997-1998 was, in one sense, a wonderful time to make this trip. It coincided with the biggest El Niño on record. On the west coast of North America that meant persistent and perhaps unprecedented rain. In spite of the difficulties and dangers posed by the storms, Misión was able to enjoy a rare abundance of water and grazing, especially in the parched CentralDesert region of Baja. The same journey would be a very different proposition in a year with more normal precipitation.



 From an overland trek down the trail of the padres, exactly three-hundred years after the establishment of Baja California's first mission at Loreto, springs Graham Mackintosh's book, Journey with a Baja Burro.

As well as a tribute to the 300th anniversary of the founding of the Loreto Mission, Journey with a Baja Burro is also a celebration of the dramatic beauty of Baja, the importance of wilderness, the depth of the relationship between the author and his burro companion, and in spite of the author's explicit questioning and rejection of Christian dogma—especially that held by the Catholic missionaries—it is, in the end, a record of a powerful spiritual, perhaps Christian, experience and a moving tribute to the courage and character of the early Baja missionaries.

Nearer My Dog to Thee


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 The Sierra San Pedro Mártir is Baja California's "sky island," where an ancient forest seems to touch the stars. At last, in Graham Mackintosh, this unique, breathtaking, and alas, endangered place has its bard.
Nearer My Dog To Thee is a both charming and important page-turner of a book. When I put it down, I felt as if I had spent four glorious months in the Sierra San Pedro Mártir myself. And what an adventure it was! Shooting stars, packs of coyotes, a soaring eagle, thunderclaps and crashing trees... I learned about mushrooms and condors, stars and comets and the planet Mars, and best of all, I "met" Pedro, a rescued mutt from Rosarito, and Penny, the cute-as-a-button little coyote-chasing terrier.
This book will delight anyone who loves Baja California, its high sierra, and most of all, dogs. Graham Mackintosh shows us that, indeed, God is dog spelled backwards.
C.M. Mayo, Author of Miraculous Air: Journey of a Thousand Miles through Baja California, the Other Mexico.


Nearer My Dog to Thee  -  My third book.

Nearer My Dog to Thee - My third book.